How do I increase traffic to my website with SEO?

Create evergreen content for your blog. How? Of course, you can write content on a Trending Topics. Don’t forget to optimize your post for search engine friendly.

Your post must have long-tail keyword are those three and four keyword phrases which are most specific to whatever you are writing or selling to your customer. Also, search engines have caught up to that so it is no longer a smart option. Instead, write long-tailed keywords to include the most in one compact sentence.

Write better Meta description for your blog/website. The snippet of information beneath the link of search result on SERPs is a Meta description. It is a couple of short sentences that give a searcher a peek into what the website might contain.

The goal with Meta description should be to persuade the searcher to click the link.

However, DO NOT mislead the viewers with falsified descriptions. Keep them short, action oriented and targeted towards a goal with honest promises of satisfying the searcher’s needs. A simple and honest Meta description can do wonders for your blog traffic. Try to write it within 150 characters.

Make your website rank higher in search engines for keywords that would be used to find it. From the post below I will provide a great introduction to understanding the concepts necessary to boost the traffic of a website.
It’s difficult to work, but if you have time and patience, SEO can get you results! Make sure to use Google Webmaster Tools and other tools for better optimization of your site if needed.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of changing one’s URLs, web content, image names, and metadata in order to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). The key objective of SEO is to drive traffic or damage someone else’s website success.
Compete for your keyword phrases on social media channels like Facebook groups and Twitter posts. This will help you keep track of any memes for future content creation. Mention people within the industry strategically. Better yet, go deep with research by reading blog archives so that you can comment intelligently on their content instead of just liking it blindly. Lastly, don’t forget to use hashtags! They come up often so it can be an effective way to get many eyes.